Due to the increasingly high demand for interesting tidbits concerning my home life (ha) I have broken down and started a blog.  (Yay!)  I'll confess, I'm a little worried that after reading whatever it is that I end up blogging about, people will be disappointed by how mundane life is in the Smith home, haha.  Not that  it would be a big deal...but isn't entertainment kind of the point of a blog?  Otherwise, I'd just write it all in my journal.

Anyhoodle, I guess now's the time to fill everyone in on what's been goin' on!  Buck and I have been married for almost a year and a half now (crazy) and Rowan's 7 1/2 months old!  He started crawling about a month ago and he's cruising around on the furniture now, which is pretty cute because he's started using his skill to beg for food.  So he's becoming more and more like a puppy!  And we all know that the real reason I got married was so I could have a puppy.  Unfortunately, the apartment we moved into doesn't allow pets so Rowan was the next best thing!  Just kidding!  But seriously....

Ooh, here's some big news!  Buck and I finally found a house!  It's in Eagle Mountain, which is awesome and lame because it's a really nice area and the homes are priced well, but it's in BFE so the likelihood of me getting to hang out with anyone I already know is pretty slim.  Guess I'll have to make new friends.
  That wouldn't usually bother me because I love meeting new people.  But, has anyone else found it more difficult to make friends now that you're married?  I mean, Buck's a sweet little guy but he's not much for socializing.  

Anyway, we're excited about the house.  I'd post a picture but it's already been pulled from the online listings so you'll all just have to wait until we move in.

Ok, this is probably longer than a blog is supposed to be, but I have one last thing to add--

Rowan got his first shiner!  Here are a couple of the pictures that I took to send into Child Protection Services as proof that Buck is an abusive father.  :)   He got it yesterday morning when he and Buck were playing in the bed after he woke up.  He was trying to crawl off the side and Buck was hanging on to his ankles, but he still hit his face on the side of the bed frame.  I know it's sad when babies are hurt, but I think he wears his black eye pretty well, don't you?
And the last picture is just a cute picture of him eating our mail.


  1. welcome to blogspot lizard! :)

  2. YAY for you setting up a blog!!!! :O) I love reading them!! Keep it coming! And Check out mine if you want! :O) Miss you Girl!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! I am so excited for this window into your life. Trust me, after you start its addicting and so much easier for keeping tabs on people you love! For convenience, what I do is go to google.com/reader and at the side I put in the addresses of people's blogs. Now when I go to google reader it will just show me if someone has updated, that way I don't have to check everyone's blogs every day or remember their web addresses. Post pics of the house soon!

  4. Rowan is so adorable!!