Hear ye! Hear ye!

Today is Haagen Dazs' 50th birthday! So, anyone living in or around Salk Lake City should stop by the Gateway Haagen Dazs shop and get your free scoop of ice cream! You can choose from chocolate, coffee, or strawberry. That goes for all you people elsewhere in the country/world too!

Also, if anyone knows of any other Haagen Dazses in the Utah County area please let me know either in my comments section or by phone because I want my free ice cream and I don't know if Buck will aquiesce to drive like an hour and a half away just for a free scoop :(

I think we all know that I would!

Much obliged!


  1. awesome!! I want some! I'm pretty sure Ian won't let me drive that far either :(

    Also, I just BARELY discovered, like, 10 posts that I missed out on!! It took me something like half an hour to get through it all. Love it. All of it. Especially the part that involved my little cutie pie :)

    I think my little "lizard updated" gadget was broken, but it looks fixed now...I hope.

  2. I want free ice cream! But I don't think there is even a Hagen Daas in Idaho... :(

  3. Look! I changed my name! And my picture! I'm on a roll today :)

  4. good thing i don't live near a hagen daas. haha. :)