Lizard is: The Sewing Machine's Daddy.

So y'all know the cogs have been a'turnin' in my head for some time now trying to come up with ways that I can make money from home.  Well, I am now in training to become a financial advisor with Primerica Financial Services.  So, I'm excited about that- what what!!

Fortunately, my job is one in which I will be able to set my own hours so that I can stay home with my sweet babies!  Since I'll still be able to hang out with them all day, I'm going to continue to look for other ways to potentially bring in some income.  Can you say Etsy shop??

I haven't decided yet what all I'd like to make and sell, but I'm courting the idea of churning out some cute baby clothes.  Up until just recently, that wasn't an option because I had never sewn before, didn't have a sewing machine, and couldn't afford to invest in one.  Then came my mom from Seattle with her sewing machine!  So two days ago I busted it out and decided to see if I had any aptitude whatsoever for sewing stuff.  I didn't have any fabric, of course.  So my mom gave me one of her old pillow cases and I went to town on it!  I was just going to get the feel of the machine and practice some different stitches and stuff.  But then I thought, why not make a little shirt for The Bot?  Easy!

I traced one of his night shirts, figuring I'd just make a short sleeved shirt that he would probably never wear and certainly wouldn't wear out of the house.  After tracing the shirt and cutting out my "pattern," I realized that the shirt I traced was stretchy, and the pillow case fabric was not...  Also, Rowan's got a big ol' head and there was no possible way it would fit through the neck hole I had cut.  Not wanting to scrap my project, I figured, why not just make it a button-up?  That way, it wouldn't matter how big his head was.

Turns out there's actually kind of a steep learning curve when it comes to sewing a button-up shirt without any kind of pattern or sewing experience to speak of.

To make an increasingly long story shorter:  I forged ahead with my project, ended up sacrificing my bed sheet for embellishments, attempted some decorative stitching, spent two nights after the babies went to sleep slaving over my tiny project that would likely never see the light of day, and ended up with this: 
Yaaaay!!!  It's not hideous!  Granted, the man makes the clothes and Rowbot is workin' his shirt like a little brown Giselle.  But, I'm still very proud of myself.  And, although the project morphed into something a lot more involved than I had originally planned, the actual sewing part wasn't that bad!  I'm stoked to learn more!

What do you think??

Oh, and here's some Stelly Bean cuteness from this morning.  I'm starting his sheet shirt tonight!

I love him!

Ooh, and I added a little thing on the side of my blog there so you can see when I've updated my craft blog.  (Hint, hint!)


  1. I love the shirt! Good work! I posted a comment on the other blog about my recent craftiness!

  2. That is awesome!!! I'm impressed- turned out great!!

  3. I am so impressed! It sends little tingles down my spin to make patterns out of clothes I already have because there is absolutely no guidance- it all has to come from the head. Super fun once I get the balls to do it, but the tingles still annoy me. So cool you did it! I hope you enjoy sewing a ton.

  4. So crafty! Kyla is getting more tan from the sun but KC says her skin is a little darker than mine naturally. Interesting huh? It's so funny to me to see Aislee and Kyla in pics. Their skin coloring is so different.