Hey!!  I know, y'all thought I was dead.  Sorry it's been a while, and sorry this post is going to be super short and without pictures!  I'm joining some of the girls I work with in doing an 8 week Health Challenge and I'm super excited because you have to buy into it and if I win I will get so much money to buy new clothes for skinny me!

If any of you peeps want in on the action, you better let me know because it's going to be so much fun and I need all the peer pressure and motivation I can get!

Here's the website we're using to keep track:  http://8weekhealthyhabitschallenge.blogspot.com/

So far there are I think 14 people signed up and the buy-in is $20.  You do the math!

Oh!  And here are some pictures of my newly purchased motivational workout footwear!

Pretty sexy, huh.


  1. Good luck girl!! My family has something similar going until july....i hope you win!!

  2. Good Luck! Cute shoes! Make sure you break them in before getting too crazy. :) I hope you win!