Funny story...

I decided to try my hand again at putting together a website for The Bean & The Bot today.  Last time, I just threw together a blog for it but I didn't like how unprofessional it looked.  Today, I did a little research on web design and quickly came to the conclusion that that sort of thing is far far beyond my realm of understanding (or interest) and if I were to attempt designing one for myself it would be shoddy and inadequate at best.  But, having someone do it for you is expensive!  My little shop certainly isn't far enough along for me to be paying people to help me with it.

After 2 hours of perusing the web, I came across a web template that was simple and easy to use (also free), so I downloaded it and got it all set up.  All I had to do was upload it to blogger and edit the HTML.  Then, I played around with fonts and colors for another hour and got mostly everything set up.  I wanted the main focus to be the product, so I kept it really really simple.

With my new business website up and running, I thought- why not revamp the family blog as well?  Another hour was spent picking out a new background and fonts and inevitably changing blog templates and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

However, upon completion of my two projects I realized something disconcerting.  The "website" I so painstakingly put together after  3 hours of research, was just another blog!  I thought it was something else just because it had tabs, haha.  But, if you'll notice, the blog template that I chose for this family blog has tabs, too!  I mean, when did they start doing that?  I wasted 3 hours of my life figuring out how to adapt that stupid "web template" to fit's parameters (no jokes about how delusional I was to have missed that key detail, please and thanks) and manually manipulating the HTML codes and all that crap when I could simply have chosen one of blogger's standard blog templates in the first place!

Dude, my day is shot.

No pics in this post--that's how demoralized I feel right now, haha.


  1. I like what you've done! And I think you'll have no problem using your other website to sell things, even if it is a "blogging" template :) Good jorb yo!

  2. I love the revamp! It looks amazazing!