The Law of Attraction

The other day, I watched a documentary on "the secret" of success.  It's called The Law of Attraction.  Simply stated, the law is that if you wish long enough and continue to send out positive "vibes" to the universe, eventually you will get everything you desire.  Apparently, anything goes.  If you want to be wealthy, you'll be wealthy.  If you want a certain car, it'll be yours.  If you want to be skinny, it's goin down.

I'm not gonna lie, most of the people who were interviewed for the documentary struck me as a little kooky and the idea of just wishing really hard for something until you get it doesn't make any sense to me.  BUT, when they went into further explanation of the actually kinda started to.

They spoke of how, when you have a negative attitude--when you're heavily affected by the bad things that happen to you and you tend to dwell upon them, it attracts similar events.  You wake up in the morning and stub your toe, and there goes the rest of your day.  When you're worried you're going to be late to work, inevitably you are.  You're sure you're not going to get the promotion because you think your boss doesn't like you or you fear you're underqualified, so you don't get it.  These things happen because you expect them to, or you spend time worrying about them and in the meantime, you're sending out those "bad vibes" and "the universe" responds accordingly.

On the flip side, if you wake up in the morning and stub your toe, but you brush it off and think about how amazing the rest of your day is going to be, you'll find that everything goes right.  If instead of dwelling on the consequences of potentially being late to work, you concentrate on the likelihood of the cars in your lane going the fastest and getting an awesome parking space when you arrive at your destination, it shall be so!  If you see a position you wish to apply for, choose to think about how great you'll feel when they offer it to you and picture yourself in that new office and think about how the additional income will benefit your life, and inevitably you will get that position.

The documentary briefly hits on the fact that you shouldn't just sit around waiting for these things to happen.  It doesn't say much about working super hard to make your dreams come true (which has much to do with my misgivings concerning this "law").  However, it stresses the importance of acting upon any "feelings" or "ideas" you may get in order to facilitate the realization of your dreams.  It also stresses the importance of being grateful for what you already have.  (You know, sending out "grateful vibes".)

That being said...The Law of Attraction seems strangely similar to the principle of Faith!  It just kinda...takes it to another level that relieves you of a lot of responsibility.  Plus there's a little bit of "self-fulfilling prophecy" stuff mixed in there and I totally believe in that principle.

Anyway, the documentary was super interesting and it reminded me of how important it is to choose happiness in life.  Not only that, but to believe in yourself and your capabilities and to try to see yourself as God sees you....and to remember that His hand is in all things and that He has our best interest at heart.  If you can do that, and if you can set goals for yourself and cultivate a greater appreciation for what you've already been given, there's really nothing to stop you from living your dream life!

One of the things they suggest you do in the documentary is make a goal board.  You post pictures of everything you really want and put it somewhere where you can see it everyday.  It serves as a sort of an order placement with the universe.  Now, I may not expect the universe (or Heavenly Father) to just handle my request as any online retailer would, but I figure it could be a good source of motivation.  Also, looking at pretty things always makes me happy.  So that's what this post is going to be!  I'll include a few of the things I'm most thankful for as well.  Eventually, i'll make a tangible version.

I'm going to get in shape so I can look bangin' in the kind of clothes I really like!
Gonna have the funds to afford sweet shoes like this!  (not all of them, of course...moderation, right?)
I want to overcome my fear of bike riding (yeah) so that I can ride a bike like this!
(Or maybe even THIS!)

To move to Ireland and live in a house much like this, only with the grass roof!
The house should be stocked with things like....
My ultimate goal is to end up here:
And finally, the things I'm most thankful for (that I have pictures of)

If you want to watch the documentary, it's on netflix (reminder, it's a little kooky, but if you look past the weirdness, it's actually pretty enlightening).  It's called "The Secret".


  1. I've seen that movie...or at least part of it :) I like your take on it. plus...there is no harm in positive thinking! :)

  2. Thanks for the up-lift! I just got through NOT working out cuz the boys aren't letting me today; and feeling pretty upset at my 'me-time' constantly being interupted by boys(most every time) so that it always feels like it's not worth it to even try. So even though it may have been a little wierd, it helped you and me today to try and think more positivly. Thanks

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