Ladies Night!!

Hey ladies!  So, I got an email today from Utah Kids Club concerning the AMAZING Ladies Only Event that they're putting on in May (the 14th).  Here's a little exerpt:

Ladies ONLY Pamper Party is HERE! Sat. May 14 at South Towne Expo You get 30 minute one-on-one appointment for hair, make-up and More Plus, mini manicures, eye brow wax, AND massage, We're also doing Bling Strands, Glitter Tattoos, I even found this new polish called Shatter polish that everyone can do on their toes. We also have a new hand scrub (I bought 4 jars!) and some fun, totally cool ladies coming to do hand massage--they're blind and love the crowds! There's zumba, yoga, and jazzercise classes. Crafts and scrapbooking classes. It's a BLAST We have 100 stylist coming in to do the appointments, once their slots are full, we won't sell any more tickets Book your 30 min. appointment and plan on staying at the party for 5-6 hours. The Whole Party is Only 20.00--Whoot Whoot *Sells out every year, so book, at while you can It's the weekend after mothers day, maybe invite your mom, mothers-in-law, or the little ladies in your house...

Tell me I'm not the only girl who's out of her mind excited about this.  Some friends and I went to an event they put on when New Moon came out and it was so much fun!  They had a bunch of different vendors, free food and raffles and they had Twilight playing in almost every room all night long.  I'm not that big into Twilight (I read and enjoyed the books and have seen the movies, but it pretty much ends there), but it was so nice to get a big exciting girls night!!  Plus, I won some sweet prizes!

Anyway, I don't want to go by myself and I can't afford to buy all of you cute ladies living in Utah tickets so this is basically me telling you to go to the website and get a ticket for yourself (Session 1:  from 10 AM-4 PM, Pampering appt @ 1:00) so we can go together!

I'm being serious!  Go forth, and know me better man!

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