Operation Diaper Wipe Out: Unexpected Obstacle

My how the tables have turned....

Over the course of 3 days, The Bot has now gained such superior control over his bladder that he can squeeze out a few drops anytime he fancies having a treat.  I can't even do that!  Of course, I'm not going to let him eat 300 cookies a day, so I've just been trying to inconspicuously ignore his requests, offering instead more hugs and kisses and the like.  He seems to be taking it ok, but is sometimes insistent!

Any advice on how to proceed?  I need to fine-tune my motivational skills as I will be employing them again in the not too distant future!


  1. Have him earn a treat at the end of each day. We made a chart thing that had 2 pockets one for going in the potty chair and one for wetting your pants. At the end of the day if Japheth had more sticks in the potty chair than in the pants he got a treat. When he got the hang of it he had to have no sticks in the pants at the end of the day to get a treat, then we moved on to multiple days & so on.

  2. That's perfect!!! Thanks!

  3. Oh! Man I feel you they are too smart for there own good. Matthew didn't just do a few drops that one is news to me. He would also sit in his underwear until I noticed and helped him change and wipe himself off. He would fling his underwear tossing the contents all over my living room, it was only the living room. I tried having him bare that worked really well. Until we had to go somewhere then it was accident city. I remember asking any mom I could find for advice. My sister in law from Washington came for the weekend and I told her my problem. She suggested I make a potty chart. I had Matthew pick out the paper (12x12) and what stickers he wanted. Then I purchased some treats. Every time he would go he would get that small candy (I used Hersheys kisses) and when he would get five stickers I would take him to the dollar store and he would pick out something. Gradually we made it ten. To where he wouldn't get the small treat just the toy or item in my potty basket, That he could pick out after having gone for 5 times then we made it 10 and so on. After a long exhausting while we were finally able to ween him off of potty treats all together. One problem conquered the one I am still facing is night time. He wears a pullup some times he wakes up and it's dry YAY!! Then others well most of the time it's wet. So I hope this helps you with Rowan. Boys are just so difficult to potty train. Adrian is almost 3 and he is so not ready. I honestly don't know if he will be for a good long while. He lives in his own world, very rambunctious. Well Good luck!! It's not easy nor fun.