One For One

My ol' buddy from the United Postal Service dropped by again today!!  Before you guys go judging me for my online shopping gluttony, I didn't actually order this package.  Well, not technically.  I found some adorable shoes whilst surfing the interwebs and posted a link to them on my facebook account.  My home slice, Anna, is like a walking billboard for the company that makes them, so I tagged her "because I knew she wanted to buy me some."  Girlfriend totally hooked me up!  This makes her awesome for numerous reasons, only two of which being that 1) I get a new pair of shoes, and 2) so does a child in need!!

If you guys haven't heard about them you need to, firstly, crawl out from under that giant rock and, secondly, hurry over to and educate yourself! It's simple:  for every pair of shoes you buy, they donate a new pair of shoes to a kid.  They even have a program called "Ticket to Give" where one customer is selected each week to follow their One For One purchase around the world and see it in action.  Seriously?!  So, so cool.

As for the shoes, they're super comfy (I read the reviews and ordered a half size down) and they're 100% adorable.  I'm so happy!
The boys went surprisingly ga-ga over them.  Looks like I'll be ordering a few more pairs!

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