New Stuff!

Buck and I got a 40% off coupon for American Eagle because we're members of their club for buying stuff and we used it last week to buy more stuff from them!  I know stores only have rewards clubs like that so that they can trick you into spending more of your money but I gotta say I don't really care if I'm playing into their hands because it feels so good to get stuff on sale.  Is that bad?  Sales are my weakness :(

Anyway, as a testament to how pathetic my life is, my first thought upon opening my package was "I can't wait to post pictures on my blog!"  Yes, after only 2 days of blogging, this has officially become my substitute for actual human interaction.  

I got a whole bunch of stuff but, in order to preserve some shred of dignity, I decided against modeling each item.

I got a new hoodie!

And new sandals!  (I've always wanted this kind because they're a tiny bit dressier than flip flops but I thought my feet were too fat.)

We did our shopping online and I ordered this purse not knowing how big it was.  I'm so glad it's huge!  And I got a scarf, too.  They're my new favorite accessory because I don't like my neck, haha.


  1. oh my gosh!!! way to go. I actually didnt have friends in idaho falls this weekend they all ditched me, so i went to the mall ventured into AE and didn't see anything I particularly liked, but now, you make me think that I need to go back and check it out. YAY for tax returns!!!!! oh and ps. i love little rowen!! he's such a cutie pie.

  2. cute stuff! you are a blog maniac now! welcome to the club!

  3. Nice!! I love American Eagle. It's my fave!