Inspect this!

Yesterday, Buck and I got to go out to Eagle Mountain and watch our soon-to-be-home get inspected!  It was great because the inspection man said everything was in great shape (except the garage door opener and a couple of other really minor things) and that the house was in fantastic condition!  I forgot to bring my camera, so the only picture I have is one I just took of a picture of the front of the house on the front page of the Home Inspection Report.  So there's what you see, and then there's a basement.  And a good sized backyard.

Anyway, that was really exciting and while we were there our realtor had to use the bathroom and he was like "Hey, can I use your bathroom?"  And I was like -we have a bathroom!  Haha, I know, I'm lame.  It's not even our bathroom yet.  Buck keeps telling me not to get too excited because we haven't moved in yet and something can always happen.  Isn't he just a ray of sunshine?  That's why I married him!  His penchant for responsibility is kinda sexy!  Haha.  ANYway....

My mom sent an Easter package for Rowan and we got it in the mail yesterday.  There were a whole bunch of little Easter themed toys and stuff, and there was a little bear for Valentine's Day.  My mom wanted a picture of him playing with it and Stef wanted a video of him babbling because he's been doing it almost non-stop recently (so so cute) so I took a video of him babbling and playing with the bear.  Of course, once the camera was rolling Rowan stopped doing anything interesting, but you still get to hear him babble a little bit.  And you get to hear me sounding retarded, so the video wasn't a complete failure.

....K, never mind about the video.  It was taking forever to upload.  Maybe next time!  That's it for now!


  1. hooooooooooooooome!?!?!? im so jeally of all you girls progressing in your lives with hubbys and families and children! anyways, where are yall moving too? are you still even in Idaho?

  2. Nah, we're in Utah. We've been living in West Jordan since we got hitched and the house we're (hopefully) moving into is in the Eagle Mountain area. I'm so excited!! And girl, cherish the time you have to do whatever you want with your time because once you get married and have kids you can kiss that luxury goodbye! Haha :)

  3. I'm so excited for you guys!! I hope it all works out.

  4. Way to tease me with the video-not nice!