Pictures of the new house!

Hey!  So we went and took a look at our new domicile on saturday after we FINALLY got the keys.  Of course, we'd been inside two or three times before, but it was so much BETTER going in now that it's ours!  As I mentioned before, we were going to sleep over.  But, we forgot some necessities and it was so late by the time we realized and were on our way back to West Jordan that we just decided to push it off a bit.  No matter, it was still fun hanging out and thinking about where we're going to put all of our stuff.  I took some pictures for the blog, so here they are!

Here's Buck gaining access through the garage.

Me and Rowan getting all ansty to go see our new house!  Our awesome realtor made us a new home owner "survival kit" with a bunch of necessities and a voucher for free pizza and soda and a movie and pop corn.  What a stud!

Rowan sitting in our driveway :)

Chillaxin' on the kitchen counter.

The kitchen!  We'll be replacing that fluorescent light as soon as is humanly possible.

The "dining room"

The front door and living room.

Other side.  (And little Rowan)


Master bedroom.

Master bath.

Closet doorway into Narnia.

Rowan's room!

Guest bathroom.

Rowan's new pack 'n play!


There ya have it!  I forgot to take pictures of the outside of the house, but there will be some soon enough.  I didn't take any pictures of the basement because it's unfinished.  My buddy, Christen, came up to visit and we picked out some paint samples for the bedrooms and bathrooms and I'm so excited to put them up and see how they look!  If anybody wants to join me next week for a painting party let me know!!  (Not kidding!)


  1. Thanks for the comment!! I am so jealous that you guys are moving into a house. I bet it is exciting to think of all the cool ways to decorate. If only we could get a house now:)
    Kim Smith

  2. Way cute place! Looks like you guys found a gem.

  3. I love the house! I'm jealous too. We will definitely have to come visit sometime and see it.

  4. PRECIOUS HOUSE!!! congrats girly! ummm and i don't think i've ever heard a baby laugh as much as little Rowen!! I love the house.

  5. Wahaha! Now we know you have a #3 in your garage code! Prepare for the invasion...