Hey guys!  Sorry it's been a while since my last post.  No excuses, I'm just lame :(  

Well a lot has happened!!  We're all settled into the house now (although you'd never guess it if you saw the place).  We desperately need to get some pictures developed and framed so our walls don't look so bare.  We should be getting our stimulus check in the mail any day now and then we'll be able to get crackin' on the basement!!  We'd love for it to be livable by the time the family Christmas party rolls around (we're hosting this year) so everyone doesn't have to try and cram into our living room.  (Buck has a large family.)  (I'm really goin' to town with the parentheses today.)

Anyway....what else is new...  Well, we've been to our new ward a couple of times now and it's AWESOME!!!  Everyone is so happy and shiny.  Every other woman of childbearing age is gestating and there are about a million little kids running around.  I used to get kind of annoyed by babies crying and kids making noise when I was in high school.  But, now that I've got my own little rugrat I kind of think it's the best thing ever.  When someone else's kid is crying I can not only sympathize with them, but I can rejoice that my kid isn't.  It's a different story when Rowan't the perpetrator though, I'm not gonna lie.  He's usually really good about being quiet, as long as he's free to roam the aisles.  Is it bad that we let him do that?  I feel like I should let him scope things out as often as possible as long as he's safe and he isn't bothering anybody.  It's good to be social!

We went to the zoo for mother's day and Rowan didn't really care about anything but the floating water ball sculpture by the entrance.  Go figure.

Our lawn looked pretty pathetic when we moved in but Buck has been working hard on it and it's starting to look really healthy.  I've been dying to start a vegetable garden or put some color somewhere in our front yard but we haven't really been able to get around to it until earlier this week.  Of course, right now it still doesn't look very colorful because we really only bought a couple of shrubs but two of them are Burning Bushes, so (assuming they're still alive) by fall they'll be all red and....looking like they're on fire!  And yesterday I planted some seeds by our mailbox and in our "tree ring" and if Heavenly Father loves me, he'll help them grow in spite of my black thumb.

Rowan will be 11 months old next week and a year old on July 12th!!  I'm so happy that Buck and I have managed to keep him alive and in tact for this long!   He's walking around like a pro and he's ready for his third hair cut and his personality is really coming out.  He's seriously such a cool kid to hang out with.

Here's a picture of him playing at the park when we went up to Rexburg to visit some friends.  We were at the park for like 2 hours and that pine cone never left his hand, haha.

We've started going on daily walks to and from the flagpole on the main street near our neighborhood.  I try to go twice a day so I get 5 miles in altogether.  My hope is that I'll be able to get my weight down to where it was when I got married by the end of the year.  That means I need to lose about....  *cough30poundscough*.  It's doable!  (Maybe?)  

So that's what's crackin'!


  1. Totally doable!! And your little boy is really fun to be around! Hopefully I'll be able to come up one of these next days, really really soon!

  2. I am so happy you are alive, I would check and check and check, and nothing. I'm glad you didn't give up blogging!! DOn't worry, I took a job that was kind of like a baby and gained 30 lbs, so I'm working on it to!! Go GIRL! YOu can do it!!!