Best. Thing. EVER!

So I'm obsessed with gardening (even though I have no talent for it whatsoever) and now that we have a yard, I'm constantly thinking of things I want to plant.  I'd love to have a little vegetable garden, grow some herbs (not "herb") and it would be sweet if we could have a fruit tree or two as well.  But our yard, although spacious, isn't extremely large.

Well, as I was doing my plant life research for the day I stumbled upon THIS:

It's called "espalier"  (es-pal-yay) and it's the best thing ever!!  It's great for growing fruit trees in limited space because you train them to grow against a wall and if you train the branches to grow horizontally instead of vertically, they produce more fruit!

Then, I found out that there are FRUIT SALAD TREES!!!  So instead of buying like 15 different fruit trees, you can buy one tree that has 5 different citrus fruits, one that has like plums and peaches and those kinds of fruits, and one that has a bunch of different kinds of apples on it.  Brilliant!

I was just way too excited not to blog about this.

......What have I become?

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