We're Home Owners!!!!!

Yesterday, Buck and I closed on our new home!  It was pretty exciting, even though all we did was sign a couple pieces of paper.  Buck was saying it's too bad it's not like when you buy a car and you get the keys after you finish signing.  That's how I always thought it went down!  Oh, well.  We'll get to move in soon enough!

I've been driving Buck crazy because for the past couple of weeks practically all I've been thinking about is what color I want to paint the walls, what light fixtures I want to get, how I want to decorate our bedroom, how I want to rip up all the vinyl and carpet and install hardwood, how I want to update the kitchen cabinets.....  I can't help it, I just can't wait to personalize the place.  I've even been researching how to build pergolas and patios and plant fruit trees and herbs and stuff.  

Anyway, our apartment lease isn't up until the end of April, so we're going to take our time moving in.  But we're planning on sleeping over on Saturday after we get the keys :)  I know, we're nerds.

Rowan was in the BEST mood yesterday, too.  I took a video of him laughing at Buck in the parking lot after we closed.

When we got home, we opened the Easter package that my mom sent us and Rowan thought it was the funniest thing when we put the little plastic eggs in our mouths, haha.

One more video now.  Today I was getting so mad at Rowan because he kept trying to get out of his seat while I was trying to feed him and finally I gave up and left him there while I went to put his food away.  When I walked back over, this is what I saw.

Needless to say, I wasn't mad anymore :)  

P.s.  Please excuse my immodesty in the video.  Most of you are familiar with my distaste for pants.


  1. I think the video of Rowan crawling in his bouncy chair was the best; ha ha ha!
    Congradulations on your new home!

  2. Those are some awesome laughs what a great day!!!