The first year in the reign of Rowan.

Well, Rowan turned 1 on  Sunday!  We were going to have a party for him the day before with a couple of our friends and close family members but, nobody showed up because we forgot to tell them about it.  Yeah...we're going to have to get the hang of this whole "birthday" thing.  

Luckily, our friends Douglas and Jill and their two boys weren't doing anything, so they met us at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point and we pretended like that's what we meant to do for Rowan's birthday.  Also luckily, Rowan didn't have any preconceptions about how a birthday typically plays out so he didn't care what we did!  As far as I could tell, we all had a pretty good time.  We were babysitting for another friend of ours at the time, so her little girl came to the museum with us.  (She seemed to be the only one who wasn't feelin' it.)  But we made it up to her afterwards by letting her rub birthday cupcakes all over her body.  Still no word on how her mom felt about that :)

On his actual birthday, we showed Rowan how procrastinating Jack-Mormons celebrate Sunday birthdays by skipping church and going to Wal*Mart to pick up ice cream and presents.  My best friend from VA was here and she's Catholic so she got to learn about Jack-Mormons, too!  (It has been eating away at my soul.)

At any rate, the cake turned out well and Rowan thoroughly enjoyed it and all of his presents.  All in all, I think he had a good first birthday but hopefully it'll go a little smoother in the years to come.  :)


  1. No, I want pictures now :P

    That sounds like a fun birthday. And I died laughing about the cupcakes on the girl, I always wonder what the parents think when I leave after babysitting haha!

  2. I was gonna say - your friend Jill looks a lot like Steph LOL. Because you had mentioned you were with your two friends. And I thought they had some resemblance. And then you explained it...nevermind.

  3. Rowan is so adorable! He is looking so much older. We need to come see your house sometime. I've heard the dinosaur museum is fun.

  4. oh my goodness... he is just a little dream! I love it! I love watching your family grow!!! how fun... steph looks goood! it's been so loooooooooong.

  5. Lizard...I don't know I'll u'll even look at this comment but I LOVE ur page:) we should both try to update ours more often....ur story about Rowan's first birth, especially the jack mormon part, made me crack up so hard!!!! And miss you sososososososososos much!!

    If it helps you any, we still haven't celebrated L's first b-day. we're waiting for erick to get back and do it this weekend there should be pics up soon!!

    Love u girl!