Belated Anniversary Post :)

So Buck and I celebrated 2 glorious years of living together as ball and chain last Tuesday (the 15th)!  We did so by using a gift card Mike's mother-in-law sent us to enjoy a delicious lunch at Macaroni Grill with Rowan.  Then, we continued our custom of eating banana splits because that's what we had at our wedding instead of cake.  Not a bad way to spend an evening, if you ask me!

A lot of my friends have said that their first years of marriage have just FLOWN by and they can't believe they've been married as long as they have.  Is it weird that I don't feel that way at all?  I was joking around on facebook when I said "it's been the longest two years of my life" but I kind of has, haha.  Not in a bad way or anything.  

So many things have changed in the past two years that, for me at least, it's made them seem anything BUT fleeting.  Know what I mean?  Buck and I started dating, got engaged, and got married within the span of a couple of months.  Then we bought our first new car, moved into our first apartment, got pregnant, had a baby, got pregnant again, miscarried, moved into our first house, got pregnant yet again, bought another car, got a dog, got rid of our dog (haha), and now Buck will graduate from school in two months.  

The past two years have felt like a whole lifetime to me.  And I feel like a different person.  I'm hesitant to say I feel like I've grown up because....I mean, c'mon...  (Heaven knows Buck hasn't ;))  But I think I must be one of the comparatively few girls in the world (or at least in our society) lucky enough to be in a solid, happy, real relationship with someone who completely suits me and who, I'm confident, will make me happy for eternity.  It's a pretty sweet deal.

Buck's birthday was on the 9th.  It was his 09.09.09 birthday and (by coincidence) he woke up at 9:00.  We went on a little date at The District while one of our friends watched the Rowbot.  We ate out at a sushi place (it was delicious, but over priced) and saw "9" at the theatre (it started at 9:09 and was shown in theatre 9).  Buck LOVED the movie but I thought it was depressing.  It was still way fun to get to go hang out just the two of us for a while!  Even though I had to get up to pee so many times during the movie that 2/3 of the way through I had to relocate and sit alone in the empty seats in the front of the theater so I wouldn't further upset all the other people in my vicinity :(

I had my 20 week preggo appointment yesterday morning and everything looks good with Stellan!  Nary a club foot or hair lip in sight!  The ultrasound tech had a difficult time trying to get a profile shot though, so I get another peek at next month's visit!  Stellan was head down and facing my back the whole time and he wouldn't roll over, so next time I have doctor's orders to eat some ice cream before I go in so maybe he'll be more cooperative :)

(This picture is actually from our 16 week ultrasound)
(The ultrasound tech thought it was funny that Stellan was mooning us)

The tech could tell that it was a boy, but it's lucky that we already knew because she couldn't get a good shot of Stellan's business because he was playing with it the whole time.  Buck got a kick out of that.

Rowan's getting so big (for him) and he's started pointing to stuff and repeating after us when we tell him what it's called and it's so cute!  He says hi, door, light, belly, hair, eye and then he just babbles all the time.  I LOVE it.  He's turning into quite the performer, too.  Anytime there's music playing (and often when there isn't) he starts dancing around and if Buck or I notice and start laughing, he immediately kicks it up a couple notches and it's evident in his face that he thinks he's the best thing ever.  It seriously never gets old :)

(Rowan and Sheila-- our ex-dog, on her bed)

So that's pretty much it for now.  I'll try to be better about posting.  It's just really boring for me to do, haha.


  1. great post Lizard...I leave hearing whats going on in your life. :)

    Rowan looks so big to me! I can't believe that mouth full of teeth!! Lorelai only has two bottoms ones at the moment. She's a slow teether :)

    And a crazy crazy does she exhaust me.

    love you girl!

  2. yeah! for an update!! I'm so happy for you lady! I love reading about your life! I love the little boy... and it seems to me.. the one cooking up is going to match his big brother's personality. Stellan seem's like he's going to be a handful since he's already practicing some pretty original tricks. anyways, glad to see life is grand!

  3. Liz, your are superwoman. I thought you'd never make it two years with that immature husband of yours! But you've proved once again that you can do anything. We love you all and enjoy the updates. By the way, great picture of Rowan on the top of your blog! Who's your photographer?
    -Douglas and Jill

  4. LOVE IT! I also added you to my blogs. Also - if just a FYI - on the side of my bloggers (right side) there is a blog that says "Russian story". I am writing the girls story. I haven't finished AT ALL - not even close - but I am starting.

    Glad to have found your blog. I love you hon.