Halloween and stuff.

Hey, y'all!  So, here's a little recap of all that's happened since my last post:

My birthday was October 19th and Buck and I went and saw Paranormal Activity and it was lame!  But the date was still fun :)

My mom came to visit (she was here for my birthday) and she got to see Rowan for the second time ever.  The last time she saw him, he was 2 months old :(  So she had a blast with him and spent the whole time teaching him how to blow kisses and shake his head 'yes' when she asked if he loved her.  She tried to get him to say "Lola" (grandma) to no avail.  It was way good to see her and I'm so glad they got to spend some time together :)

We didn't make any big plans for Halloween as the three of us had been varying degrees of sick for the two weeks leading up to it and we weren't fully recovered when it rolled around.  But, we went to our friends' house the night before to carve pumpkins (I ended up on the couch with a migraine after cutting out the gutting hole).  Rowan wore his costume so I wouldn't feel like we wasted money buying it.  

Here's Buck's pumpkin--he didn't even use a stencil this year!
Here's mine.  I carved it Halloween morning :)  The picture doesn't do it justice!

We took some ceremonial pictures of Rowan in his costume to appease my mom.  (He looks a bit deflated because I didn't stuff it with a pillow like I was supposed to.)

Oh, and here's a preggy pic because some of my friends have been bugging me about taking one.  I'm now 27 weeks along and Stellan is using my bladder as his own personal LoveSac.  My pregnancy induced insomnia + Rowan's new thing for getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning = me wanting to die.  And I still have three months to go!  Please ignore the chubbiness!  (What's sad is that I look chubbier in person.  Curse you, food!!)

Ooh, also--I decided I'm going to open an Etsy shop and sell knitted and crocheted baby stuff to try and bring in some extra money.  I'm planning on making hair barrettes, pacifier clips, mittens and hats, and booties.  Do you guys think people could buy that kind of stuff if it were cute?  Any ideas on other stuff that might sell better?  Any input helps, as I have no idea what I'm doing!


  1. first of all I see no chubbines just a cute preggo belly
    second of all, I would totally buy that kind of stuff for my kids and/or nephews and nieces!

  2. I feel the urge to rub a belly... I'm so excited for you!

    About your Etsy shop: You should totally make some steampunk baby stuff!! I'd buy it!

  3. hi lizard!! i changed my bloggy addy it's now http://krystaleindira.blogspot.com/

    happy blogging pretty lady!