Oh, you know...

I'm up and Rowan's still asleep (at least, he isn't making any efforts to alert me that it's time to play) so I figure now's a good time to catch up on the ol' blog.

A lot has been going on the past couple of weeks (a lot for our family, at least) but, sadly, I haven't been able to document it with my camera because I'm lazy and-although the battery is charged and I know where it is-I haven't found the motivation to go to that place (my purse) and retrieve it for use.  Luckily, Buck's phone is generally handy so I do have a cute video to post along with this entry.  Probably most of you have seen it already as we're all friends on facebook but I think the video is cute enough to post twice and watch several times.

The Smith family Christmas party was on the 12th and it went pretty well, I thought.  I was pretty stressed about it even though it wasn't at our house because Buck and I were still technically the hosts and therefore responsible for the success or failure of the event.  I'm not used to family get-togethers since my family never got together unless somebody died so being around everyone in Buck's family at once is still a little overwhelming for me, haha.  Anyway, everyone brought food and enough people ate what I brought for me not to feel badly about it.  Having Rowan around is always nice because if I find myself in an awkward situation I can just stare at him intently like I'm making sure he's not getting into trouble :)

Well, it sounds like the Rowbot's ready to start the day so I better end this.  Here's that video though:

We had dinner at one of Buck's co-workers' house last week and the kids had 20 minutes of fun breakin' it down with this rapping christmas penguin :)


  1. Man, look at Rowan's footwork. We'll be seeing him on America's Best Dance Crew in a few seasons.

  2. you're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I love it! Can't wait for baby #2!

  3. lizard! :) its sarah! i saw your blog from amanda kelley's. and i wanted to be blog friends with you! :) your family is sooo cute! when is your baby due?!