Christmas 2009

Christmas was yesterday!! It was a very good Christmas, even though Rowan's teething again (still) so nobody got much sleep the night before.  Though, that may have been due more to the fact that we were all at JVMC till 2:30 in the morning.  Buck had to work the night shift on Christmas Eve, so Rowan and I went to keep him company!  We brought the pack'n'play so Rowan would have a place to sleep, and he did for a couple of hours but then he wanted to play for the rest of the night.  That was alright with me since there wasn't much for me to do when Buck was off makin' the bacon! 

I went to Target and got some bubbly and christmas cups and some treats for Buck and his co-workers but I ended up being the only one who drank any (which, again, was alright with me.)  Then I passed the time watching the TNT "A Christmas Story" marathon for the rest of the night and every once in a while Rowan and I would take a tour around the hallways and Buck and I would give him rides on the hospital chairs.  It was actually a really good Christmas Eve and I think it was more exciting for Rowan than it would have been had Buck had the night off :)

So we all got to bed around 3:30, Rowan woke up at 5:30 and went back to sleep with his daddy (I've been sleeping on the couch for pregnancy reasons) and woke up again at 7:00 and 9:30-at which point I figured we might as well start Christmas day.  We were going to let Rowan open all the presents but he felt the job was done once one little piece had been ripped off of each box so after three or four we decided that maybe next year it'll work out better.  This year, he seemed perfectly content to just walk around and slap all of the boxes and laugh, haha.

After presents, Buck and Rowan played Guitar Hero (my present to Buck) and took a nap while I prepared Christmas dinner (beef stew--very festive.)  Then we watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!!  (Buck's present to me.)  Rowan didn't get to play with his present because there was a piece missing so we couldn't put it together :(  It's a mini ride-on police motorcycle and even in pieces it's pretty sweet!  That was ok because Rowan spent the rest of the evening playing with the fuzzy boots that Buck got me.

And now it's the day after Christmas.  It's so much less awesome than the day that precedes it :(  I feel like each day after Thanksgiving builds my excitement for my favorite holiday and everyone's jolly and all the stores are decorated and more and more people put lights on their houses.....*sigh*..... and then Christmas comes and it's awesome and then the day after Christmas comes and everybody goes back to normal and all the pretty decorations get put away and it's sad.

Also, once Christmas has passed, people start thinking about the New Year-which is cool, too....but this New Year will bring with it a newborn.  Wow, I worded that poorly.  Look, I like tiny babies well enough.  I know that it's a blessing to be able to participate in the creation of life.  But, newborns make me want to die a little.  At least, when they live in my house they do.  And the one that's gonna come out of me in a couple weeks will likely be living here with us so the day after Christmas this year = the day I start to really freak out.

Rowan was actually a really easy baby.  But with his little brother's arrival looming in front of me, all I can really remember from his first few months is the poop that no diaper could contain, springs of regurgitated boob milk, and realizing all too late that sleep is a precious commodity that I should have taken better advantage of for the 22 years preceding his birth.

I think I just need some positive reenforcement.  I mean, Rowan was once a newborn and now he's like the coolest person I know!  Stellan will inevitably be pretty sweet too, I would imagine.  I tried to talk to Buck about it but he just tells me to relax.  And, for reasons I can't understand, he's not worried at all. (I  mean, for real?)

Anyway, I hope you guys all had an awesome holiday!


  1. hahaha i am CRACKING UP at the newborns make me want to die a little comment. call if you ever need to talk. we can freak out together. because i'm fairly certain the one that is coming out of me is going to be living at my house too.. what were we thinking?

  2. you can do it again girl!!! I'm just now starting to like the idea of a family... mainly because everyone of my friends have all started theirs... and me I don't think I'm even close... anyways, I just love watching you grow as a mom and someday hope for the same!!! you will do great. I'll take you up on the sleep thing though... not going to lie.. I watch my niece from time to time... and it's nice she gets to go home and i get my bed time... haha.

  3. Oh Girl, don't freak out about a new baby....remember you're already a pro at this!!!! Rowan is an awesome kid and you're a good mom. :) I'm more worried about the actual labor part! I don't think I can do that I told my Dr. on my first apt. this time that I NEED and epidural. :) We'll see how that hospital is 1/2 away so...hopefully we make it in time:)

    I love you're in my heart and thoughts always.

  4. Yes...YOU WILL DIE. Don't let these nice people fool you. Your death is nigh inevitable. Marshall will die too. But he is unaware. :) ha ha just kidding. I couldn't help but say that. Having two kids is hard, but like the first one, definately worth it. Plus you have a ton of options for babysitters. So take advantage of them! Life will just get better!