The 12 Weeks of Stelly

So, Stellan is 12 weeks old already! He weighed almost 12 pounds at his 2 month appointment and was already 21 1/2" long :) He's super healthy and he's the happiest baby ever and I'm totally obsessed with him. Of course, I'm obsessed with both of my boys, but Stelly's a mama's boy and I couldn't be happier about that because Rowan was all about Buck from the very beginning. Guess Heavenly Father's just evening out the playing field a bit. Thanks, Big Guy!

I have a bunch of super cute pictures of Stellan cheesin' it up, but I can't figure out how to get them off of my phone and onto this blog :( :( :( Guess I need to make a bigger effort to go old school and use my actual camera to capture his insane cuteness.

Anyway, if you're friends with me on facebook, you've already seen his smile in all it's sweet baby glory.

I took the boys to see the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point last week. I can't say I felt it was worth the $10 we paid to get in, but it was definitely beautiful and it was great to be out and about with the boys. I took them because they were supposed to be "celebrating the Dutch" that day, but nothing struck me as particularly celebratory...or needless to say, I was disappointed. Luckily, the boys didn't seem phased by it. Rowan had fun making friends with everyone and running all around and helping me push the stroller. Stellan cried when we first got there (probably because of the $10 entrance fee) but he seemed to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Rowan has been growing so fast and developing such an awesomely weird personality. I gather that most toddlers do interesting and amusing things, but I like to think that Rowan is completely unique. He keeps me entertained 100% of the time and I love him for it.

Here are some of the most recent additions to Rowan's growing vocabulary:
What are ya doin?
Bye-bye, night night.
and, Ye-yeah! Ok! (Spoken like L'il John) (Video of that to come.)
I've been looking for a part time job and I got a call about a carrier job out here in Eagle Mountain that would have paid $1,000 a week but I would have had to work at 2:00-6:00 am 7 days a week, and Buck sometimes works overnights and takes call during that time so I had to turn it down :( Oh, well. Maybe something else will come along!
Here are some cute videos of Rowan being Rowan.


  1. Lizard! I love the update!!!! Both your boys are the sweetest!! You're lookin good girl if I don't say so myself!!!!

  2. what cute kiddos, you need to update more often! i love your stroller too!

  3. The videos are so cute! Things seem to be going well too, that's great :D

  4. Lol! I hope my future kids will be as awesome as your present ones!

  5. Cool!!! Pimp!!!
    Those videos made me laugh out loud. Rowan is so cute and entertaining! Time goes by fast and before you know it Stellan will be one! You have a very cute family!