Lizard: Html Writer Extaordinaire!

In case you hadn't noticed, I finally figured out how to make the heading fonts on my blog totally cute! Next up, I'll figure out how to make one of those cute "signatures" that I like so much on Amanda and Vivian's blogs. Alright, Internet- Who's your daddy?!

I had to do another update because Rowan totally made my day today. I started my period earlier this week (I know, totally TMI- but that's what you get for reading my blog!) and it has really been effecting my level of patience with the boys. Rowan is really coming into toddler-hood and is CONSTANTLY into EVERYTHING. Today, I was just not havin' it. I was kinda mad at him because he kept getting all up in my grill, trying to eat my food (which I would gladly have shared with him, he just needed to back up off this). I went into the kitchen to get away from him and, of course, he followed me. He started getting into one of the drawers and I was about to get up and regulate the situation when he walked around the corner wearing my oven mitts on his arms and flapping them like a majestic little eagle Needless to say, I could no longer hold my grudge against him. I reached for the camera and tried to snap a good picture of him to no avail. However, I did get a few cute shots in the process.

Later on, Stelly was crying and crying for no appaewnt reason (methinks he might have acid reflux) and I was starting to get stressed again when Rowan climbed onto the couch and stood next to me. I heard him crunching on something. I looked up to see him with a tiny piece of crayon in his hand, blue wax chips filling his mouth, and coordinating spit dribbling down his chin and chest.

*sigh* He has such impeccable timing :)

I love my life.


  1. Sad crayon eater face is both heartbreaking and cute! And that video is the perfect toddler mood video. Curious, happy, sad, need help, IMAGINATION (spongebob voice),fake cry, needs love. I love your life too <3

  2. Ha ha! Wait till he tries to change his own poopy bum instead of just giving you a present in the bath! And don't worry the toddler years only get worse. I keep hoping Japheth will learn how to listen, and then laugh at myself cuz I know it'll never happen! I expect that we'll go straight from crappy toddler behavior to crappy teenage behavior.

  3. oh lizard... the joys of motherhood. :O)i know what you are talking about with timing, Dalton always has melt down at the worst your guts!

  4. It's reading posts like these that make me want to be a mom sooo soo bad! I can't wait for that day.

  5. Aggrevating and yet so adorbale! My sister-in-law just had a baby girl. My oldest nephew has become really protective of her. He once slapped away the hand of a friend who tried to touch the baby.