....Where'd he go?

The Bean is officially on the move!  He's army crawling like crazy and he's already getting up onto his hands and knees, he just needs to get the movements down and there will be no holding him back!

He's just a little ahead of Rowan with pretty much everything so far.  (Especially with the whole growing thing.)  And by the looks of it, he'll be crawling at 6 months--2 months before Rowan.  If the same thing happens with walking, I'm gonna have my work cut out for me.

As a result of Stellan's newfound mobility, Rowan has found new and interesting games to play with him.

...Not that he can't still find ways to entertain himself without Stellan's help.

These kids make my life :)  I'm beginning to understand why Heavenly Father had so many.  Not that I'd sign up for that anytime soon!

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  1. Ur boys are adorable :) looking forward to seeing them in the near future!