Working Girl

Okay, so I've been working with Primerica Financial Services for just over a month now but since I didn't have a license to sell life insurance in the state of Utah, I couldn't legally make commissions off of the sales we made.  (Which is fine since my trainer was really the one doing all the work at that point anyway.) 

But, NO MORE!  I passed my state licensing exam on the 26th and the state issued my license yesterday!  Even more exciting:  I got my business cards in the mail!
(I used my fancy phone camera to take this picture just for Christen and Ian.)

I'm so stoked because now I can hand these out to all of you people and you can use them to drum up business for me!  Say what?!  (I'm just playin.  But seriously....)

I now have three new people on my team (the Hubs, included) and had I been licensed, I would have made about $3,000.00 this month!  So considering I only worked like 10 hours a week and I took 2 weeks off, that puts me at roughly $150.00 an hour.  Not.  Too.  Shabby.  And this month will be just the same.

I'm pretty much stoked.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I won an iPad?  And I'm getting a check for $200.00 to put toward the purchase of a new phone?  (One on which I will complete life insurance applications.)

Pinch me now.


  1. Hooray!! I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Great Job Elizabeth! Sorry we haven't been able to connect ... haven't seen much of the hubs lately ... hoping his works slows down sometime soon!

    P.S. were you out walking this morning? I was going to hang outside until you made it down the street, but my morning hair was pretty scary this morning!

  3. That was me! I didn't get a good look at you but I thought it might have been you because I saw your sweet puppy!

    I was actually kind of stuck because I took a new route for my morning walk up behind my house and into the mountains and when I headed home I missed the dirt road "exit" to my house and ended up behind your row of houses with no way to get back into the neighborhood, haha.

  4. Wahoo good work Lizard!!!