Summer Lovin'

The boys and I finally got into the summer spirit while Rod and Kate were visiting from New Mexico the other week.  While they were here, we went to Cowabunga Bay with them and Christa, Tys, Syd, and Ian.  It was so much fun and The Bot and I got super brown!  I burnt a little on my back, but I was surprised and relieved to see that Rowan didn't burn at all! 

Sadly, I don't have any pictures to post from that excursion because I went old-school and got a water proof wind-up camera for the occassion!  We'll see if I ever get around to developing those pictures.  It was so cute, Tyson and Syd kept asking me if I was going to go home and upload the pictures to my computer and I was like "no, it's not a digital camera" and they were completely baffled by the concept.  "....How do you get the pictures?"  "How long does it take?"  "Is it expensive?"  *sigh* Young wippersnappers.  :)

Last week, on my mom's day off, we took the boys down to the Aquatic Center in Lehi.  It was pretty freakin awesome!  The Bean and The Bot went nuts over all the cool slides and squirty things and water falls and everything.  There was a part outside that was shallow enough for Stellan to actually crawl around in, cute little swings inside for him (and Rowan) to sit in and feel the water, a little slide that I could take Rowan down, a lazy river...  It was pretty sweet.  We're planning on getting a Family Membership sometime in the near future.  I was able to get a few pictures of the boys while we were having a snack by the pool.
We had quite a scare when Rowan tripped and fell into the lazy river, but thank Heavens my mom was right there and she hero-dove into the water and lifted him out--still chewing on his crackers :)

It does cost money to do most fun things outside, and the grass in our lawn is so dry it would pierce the flesh on our feet if we tried to play out there, so the boys have come up with some new games to play inside when we can't afford to go out.
Rowan loves putting Stellan in his Lego wagon and pushing/pulling him around the house for hours on end.  Stellan doesn't love it, but he doesn't hate it, either.  He's a really good sport, haha.
When Stellan is otherwise engaged, Rowan likes to practice styling his hair.  With vaseline.  We told him that vaseline doesn't hold the way actual hair wax does.  It also doesn't wash out the same.  Or at all.
But, that didn't so much matter to him.  His love affair with vaseline continues.
As far as Stellan's "other engagements" go, he can usually be found rolling around on the floor or sucking on his own face because he's teething.

Buck had the day off today so, after running some errands, we all hung out in the living room and watched documentaries.  Rowan wanted to color, so I got out his big coloring book and markers.  He scribbled for a bit before coming over to me, laying accross my lap, and handing me a bunch of markers.  "Belly?" he said.  "Color?  Belly?"  So I drew a portrait of him on his belly.  "Leg?"  On went a pair of eyes on his knees, flip flops on his feet, and a heart with a banner reading "MOM" on his upper thigh.  "Eye?"  "Boobs?"  "Feet?"  You get the idea.  We ended up with this:
Of course, we couldn't leave out The Bean!
He got his very own tramp stamp!  (Rowan really went to town on him later but I didn't get any pictures of that.)  They both ended up needing a good bath afterward.
I know I say this all the time, but I freakin love my boys :)

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  1. Hopefully you can get those developed someday because I spent the whole summer at Cowabunga and don't have a single picture! That was fun! I still want to go to Lehi.. maybe after school or on a weekend. Love, Christa