New Toy!!

Hey guys!!  I've been out of commission for a bit, what with it still being flu season in Utah.  We don't love being sick but we've been enjoying all of the cuddling that comes with it!

In other news, I just ordered my first sewing machine!  I'm so pumped!!

I got a bunch of "How To" books as well, since I've only used a sewing machine like three times in my life.  In high school, my friends and used my Mom's machine to make fleece pillows while they forced me to watch a spandex-clad David Bowie dance with Muppets.  Then, after a long hiatus (probably as a result of serious emotional trauma), I decided to try it out again last year!  

The Bot's  Cuban Pimp Shirt

Anywho, I've had all of these amazing DIY projects I've been itchin' to try and it's high time I got me a machine of my own so that I can get crackin' on them!

Thanks, Mother's Day!!!

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