Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!

Cinco de Mayo is one of my most favorite holidays.  There's no real reason other than that I like Mexican food and pinatas :)  I used to feel like a bit of a wannabe because I've always celebrated another culture's holiday with such gusto, until I learned that it's actually not that big a deal in Mexico!  In the Mexican state of Puebla and a few other areas, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla.  Elsewhere in Mexico, the 5th of May is nothin' special.  Here, in America, it's a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.  So as I see it, ain't no problem with us gringos breaking open a pinata or two!

As part of my observance, I'm making a special dinner and forcing everyone in my house to listen to Mariachi music all day!

Here are a few of the contenders for tonight's fiesta (along with recipe links) in case you guys want to try!!

(it calls for chiles in adobo sauce--last time I made this on a whim and, since I'm not actually Mexican, my pantry wasn't readily stocked with that kind of thing, so I found an adobo recipe here--again, my spice cabinet lacks an assortment of dried chiles, so I made it without it and it was still amazing)

Can't celebrate Mexican culture without guacamole and salsa!

(I know, Sangria is not so much Mexican as Spanish....  But I love it!)

If I weren't working tonight, I was going to make little baby pinatas with the boys.  Maybe next year!

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