The Cheeseburger Store

That's what the Bot calls Five Guys :)  Dude loves him a good cheeseburger and I dare say that theirs are some of the best!  He's actually only had burgers from there and In-N-Out.  Lucky boy!  It's so so nice to live so close to Jordan Landing!  I was telling Buck last night, we should just get rid of our car and walk everywhere.  We live in a serious sweet spot; within 5 miles of grocery stores, gyms, a fabric store, a thrift store, banks, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and his place of work--which happens to be a hospital.  Oh yeah, and there's a train station literally across the street from our apartment complex, so if we wanted to go anywhere far away, we could use that.

I rest my case.

Anyway, we took a rare field trip out of the house as a family to Five Guys, per the Bot's request.  I love going out with my boys for the same reason that I love going out with the hubs--being out and about with them and seeing how other people react to them (and how we interact with each other), and being in public as their proud Mama/wifey reminds me of all the reasons why I'm so in love with them.  I see with a fresh perspective how endearing their quirks are, how smart and precocious and funny and tiny they are.  How witty and humble and dorky and handsome that husband of mine is.  

We spend so much time cooped up at home because of my work-from-home job and Buck being on call all the time.  It's easy to get into the habit of hanging out around each other instead of with each other.  

Don't get me wrong, I love to play games with my boys and cuddle with them as much as they'll allow (haha), but we parents are tired all the time (Parents?  Tired?  She can't be serious!) and being at home makes us want to sleep, and since the babies have other things in mind, it's easy to get cranky about it.  Once the babies go to bed and we parents have some time to ourselves, we're often too tired to really make anything of it so one of us ends up unwinding with a little video game action and the other one falls asleep.  That's us hanging out around each other.

Being out in public creates a completely different dynamic because we're with each other by choice, instead of by default.  We're more aware of each other that way, I think.
I like how Buck looks like he's throwing up :)

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