Want $10?

Hi.  My name is Lizard, and I'm a discount junkie.  Sales are like mother's milk to me.  That came out creepier than I expected.  Anyway, I subscribe to a few different deal websites and  Fab.com is one of them.  Right now, they're offering a $10 credit to anyone who registers with them!  There's no obligation to buy and no monthly fee or anything!  I'm not sure if you have to be referred by me in order to get it, or if you can just sign up on your own.  (I just got an email saying that my friends will get it if they sign up.)  The link there is my personal invite link.

That's ten free dollars, folks.  Here are some things I wouldn't mind getting for free (or almost free):

Mozzarella Cheese Making Kit
Travel Chopsticks
Three Boats in a Box
A B Seas Stamp Set
Tambourine Jingle Stick
Ginger Spiced Beets
Coconut-Citrus & Poppyseed Vinaigrette
Drunken Monkey Jame

The offer only lasts for the next 24 hours, so if you can't find anything you want to have and not pay for--feel free to get any of the things on that list and have them sent my way, because I don't actually get to partake in this deal, haha.

Go forth, and know me better man!

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