It Was a Very Good Night

Moms and I painted the town red last night!  She got us tickets to Simply Sinatra at the Utah Symphony and it. was. BOMB.  We're both huge Sinatra fans and that era of music is hands down my favorite.  I will take  The Rat Pack over The Backstreet Boys and Ella Fitzgerald over Lady Gaga any day of the week, my friends.  The performers were classy and had actual pipes, the lyrics were poetic and evocative, the arrangements were so creative, and the orchestra and the band!!  You guys, the band.  Big band music is so fun!  It took all of my self control not to get up and dance and not to belt out the songs--and that is not a thing that I would ever do in public.

I started happy crying like 45 seconds into it, no joke.  I had a nerdy grin on my face the whole time.  It was awesome! Music affects me on a really personal level for some reason. I left feeling uplifted and energized and I'm still riding that high.

Prior to the show, we grabbed dinner at Blue Lemon. The food was reasonably priced and super yummy, but my favorite part was the bathroom.  The mirrors and lights in there made me feel like a movie star!  B-Money always makes fun of me because I get really excited about restaurant bathrooms.  Don't ask me why.

There was a giant sea anemone in the lobby, so we made sure to snap some pictures with it while we were there.

One of my favorite performances of the evening was "It Was a Very Good Year."  The Utah Symphony OWNED it!!  Oh my gosh, just try to imagine how this song would sound live, with a full orchestra.  My head was spinning.  I was so disappointed to find that they don't sell recordings of the performances for purchase.  Get on that, symphony guys!

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  1. Michelle Gord16.3.12

    Sounds like a fun night. My husband is a huge Sinatra fan, and I love the bathroom lights at the blue lemon too.