Happy Early Lover Day!

I took mine out for a secret surprise date at Taste Culinary Boutique in Gardner Village!  I had forgotten that Buck thinks Gardner Village is "super creepy."  (Really?)  The look on his face as we approached our destination reminded me, haha.  But, he was a really good sport and, once I told him that we were going to a chocolate themed cooking class, he perked right up!

Two cute ladies cooked everything in front of us while teaching various cooking techniques and telling us where they get they're favorite ingredients!

The food was BOMB!  We got Goat Cheese with Cacao Nibs and Honey on an herbed baguette, Romaine Lettuce and Citrus Salad with Cacao Nibs, Mole Oaxaca (chicken in a nutty chocolatey chili sauce), Mexican Rice, and Well-Fried Beans with Chocolate Pots de Creme for dessert!  Seriously, you guys.  Uh-ma-zing.  And, of course, they had the recipes for everything printed out for us!

I got a cute new shirt....dress?  Shirtdress?  Well, I got a new outfit for the occasion since its our first time actually going out to celebrate V-Day and I was seriously hyped about it.  I'm lookin' crazy a wee bit bloaty in all of our pictures because I kind of fell off the low carb wagon for a bit this past week :(  I had family in town, gimme a break!
What with the extra weight I've gained since we got married, I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for a while.  In honour of our Valentine celebration, I did that cute thing that all the girls are doing so I still had a little bling on my neglected ring finger :) As ghetto as it looks, I still love it!

Anyway, it was pretty much the best date ever--which makes me the best wife ever, right?

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