Valentine's Day! (and the day after)

So, B-diddy and I didn't make any plans for the 14th because he usually works that day and has call at night.  But we got lucky when someone at work asked to switch call days with him earlier on in the week, so he ended up not having to take it on Valentine's day!  I started queezing my mind grapes to come up with something festive to make for dinner, since it was too short notice to find a babysitter and we had already gone out to celebrate anyway. 

On V-Day Eve, my sweet visiting teachers dropped by with a heart shaped pizza and a little pedicure set--so cute! It was pretty perfect because that's the exact dinner idea I got from those juicy mind grapes of mine! Subconscious spiritual visit teacher/teachee bond? Confirmed! Buck saw it in the fridge when he got home from work and couldn't wait to eat it so it never made it to V-Day :)

That was ok though, because on Valentine's Day morning, I found a package from my cute Mama, with treats for us to eat and a note saying that she could babysit that evening!  The night would be ours!

Later that day, Buck called me from work to tell me that he was coming home early!  Well, he didn't so much say that as he said some people called into work so he'd have to stay and work a double...  I told him it was all good because that meant he could drop a Jackson or two on a V-Day flower delivery :)  Dude did me one better!

Remember that cooking class we went to? I had commented on how, one day, I'd like to get a nice set of pots and pans--maybe for out 25th anniversary or something. He went out and got me a little somethin' somethin' to hold me over until then :) 

My thoughts exactly, Belly!

Oh, and since Buck is addicted to the smell of coffee but we don't drink it, I got him some Choffy and a fancy french press to brew it in!  It's pretty boss. (P.s. He loves it!)
For dinner, I busted out my shiny new pots and whipped up some curry.  There had been a carton of Coconut milk sitting in my fridge for a while, so I figured I'd put it to use!

....As it happens, I probably should have just thrown it out. My digestive tract protested violently the following day, haha. 
I hope your Valentine week was as sweet as mine!

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  1. Loving that Belly is kissing Emril (sp?) anywho, cool pots and I do like the header change!