B Money has been working crazy hours this week, what with the double shift he worked on Tuesday, then getting 8 hrs worth of call-backs on Wednesday.  Today, he lucked out and got off early!  And so did I!  And my Mama had the day off, so she was here (and in perfect position) when we both ended our shifts!  All of these incidents combined = we got to go on an unexpected date!  Two dates in one month?!  That's unheard of.  We are dating the crap out of each other right now and it's awesome.

My mom is such a stud (...mare?) for watching the boys for us all the time (among other reasons!)

We went and grabbed a bite to eat at the movie theater and saw 'The Woman in Black.'  I would have ended it differently, but it was definitely sufficiently spooky!  My face was literally hurting when it was over, probably because it looked like this for 2 hours:
After the movie, Buck surprised me with a little visit to ASIAN CITY!  It's one of my favorite spots in town because they have all of my Asian needs!  Haha.  I love it.  And, since Gamestop is next door, we stopped in there as well.  (Buck's real reason for taking me to Asian City?)  Get a load of what I found there:
Apparently, Buck has been earning money on the side as a video game model.  He wasn't blessed with those crazy eyes for nothin'!


  1. 2 dates too? I've also been the lucky recipient of two date nights...which is actually a little sad considering we don't have kids so we should be able to get out a lot more...hmm, haha! I'm so glad you're having such a good time with life :)

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    1. Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment, buddy! But I miss you, too!