I love everything.

So, I got to thinking while I was driving home from work today.  I got to thinking about how I love a lot of things.  On my trips around town, I often pass yards with goats or sheep, horses and cows, even camels and alpacas.  Literally every time I spot them I giggle with glee that cannot be contained.  Seeing animals (especially the less than glamorous ones like sheep and pigeons) makes me that happy.

During this time of the year, I see the leaves change colors on the tree and littering the ground like confetti.  It's like the Earth itself is celebrating the season!  Every yellow tree, every bright red shrub sends a flood of emotion through me.  Honestly, I don't know why.  But, it makes me that happy.

I flip through the radio stations in search of some good music and when I find it, I get so pumped.  I don't just sing the music, I feel it.  It uplifts me, it relieves my stress, it helps me to express myself.  It makes me so happy!

Whenever I see well-dressed people, or beautiful architecture, whenever I read books or poems or learn something new I find it so exciting--the fact that people can create such beautiful things to wear or in which to live and work, the fact that people have such profound thoughts and ideas, the fact that people can make sense of so much of the world around us...frankly, it blows my mind.

I LOVE all of these things.  These things, among so many others make me uncommonly happy every day.

I think that, of all of the blessings in my life, my uncanny tendency toward loving stuff is one of my favorites.  I can't imagine seeing the world any other way.  Sometimes, I think about all of the bad things that happen all over the world.  It is heart breaking and overwhelming and I often feel helpless as I try to think of what I could possibly do to improve the situation.

While those things certainly shouldn't be ignored, I feel like too much emphasis is put on them sometimes.   Yes, bad things are happening.  Yes, we as a society and as individuals have a responsibility to do whatever we can to make things better.  But, lest we forget, there is beauty all around us.  There is wonder, and excitement and knowledge and love.  Isn't everything great?


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