Happy Mamas' Day!

Let's hear it for moms! I've always really liked Mothers' Day (and Fathers' Day). Now that I'm a mom, I like it a million times more! Even though it's not a big present holiday and it's always on Sunday so we can't go out and celebrate, it's so nice to spend all day with my family. Today, Buck made me breakfast in bed and Rowan came and laid under the covers with me and we ate it together while Buck and Stellan finished up in the kitchen :) Then, Rowan and I hopped in the shower--where Buck had drawn me a Happy Mothers' Day mural on the wall with Rowan's bath crayons!

After my shower, I always fill the tub up a bit and let Rowan play in it while I get my makeup and hair did. Today, as I was applying my eye liner, I heard Rowan saying "eeewww!" I looked to see what he was talking about and saw him standing in a floating circle of his own poop.


I told my best friend about it and she said he probably forgot to buy me something and decided to make me a present instead. Here's hoping your son's first Mothers' Day present to you is just as good, Stef!

So, in honor of this hallowed day (and because I just went through all of the pictures on our hard drive so I could order 101 free 4x6's on shutterfly), I've decided to lead you all on a little walk down Smith Memory Lane! There will be a few pictures and a lot of funny tidbits about the little people who made me a mom :)

Here's me when I was 6 months pregnant with The Rowbot:
Life with a Rowan in my belly was not too shabby! Aside from having to pee every 10 minutes (Buck's least favorite side effect of pregnancy), I didn't suffer from any of the other negative pregnancy side effects. I craved healthy food and exercised all the time and I felt totally cute the whole time.

Here's me at the hospital on the morning of July 12th, 2008--Show time!
I was induced at 11:00AM, dilated to a 4 and requested the epidural because I didn't want to see how much more painful it could get. By 11:45PM I was dilated to a 9 so my doctor came in to set up for the delivery and Rowan popped out 8 minutes later, giving my doctor just enough time to throw on her gown and gloves and litterally catch him as he slipped out, haha.
My first time holding Rowan :)
Me and Rowan. Just loving each other!
Rowan has always been a hard core daddy's boy, but he's starting to warm up to me a lot more. (It's about time!) I'm so blessed to have such a sweet, funny little midget to keep me company all day long. Some things he does that make me smile:
-Puts his leg up on the side of the bath tub and uses his tooth brush to "shave" his legs.
-Says "Pimp" every time he sees his sunglasses.
-Runs around in circles for literally hours at a time (only counter clockwise. He's not an ambi-turner.)
-Steals my makeup brushes to fix his own face.
-Brings my lip gloss to me and asks me to put it on his lips.
-Gives Eskimo kisses to his pillow, blanket, and bunny every time I go to get him from a nap.
-Says "Ye-yeah!" and "Oookay!" Like Li'l John.
-Sits on the floor in the kitchen whenever I'm in there making dinner or doing dishes.
-Plunges the toilet every chance he gets.
-Climbs up on the couch to give hugs, but really to steal the remote from you.
-Hits the back of the remote, where the batteries are, when it isn't working. Then uses it as a phone.
He's so weird and cute!
And now on to the Bean! This section will, of course, be in reverse chronological order because I have yet to figure out how to copy/paste on Buck's computer. Stupid PC.
Me and Stelly, sleeping so peacefully.

Stelly doesn't do much yet, other than what is required to sustain his life. But he sure is cute when he sleeps! What is it about sleeping babies that renders me unable to refrain from kissing their sweet baby faces and pinching their sweet baby cheeks? Sometimes, after Stellan wakes me up at 2:00Am and I spend an hour trying to get him to finish eating, he falls asleep in my arms and I spend another 20 minutes just staring at him. I wonder what I did right to be blessed with such perfect little boys. I give Heavenly Father props for having thought everything out so well. My kids are so well suited to me! I am constantly amazed by the spirit they bring to our home and by how much I clearly have to learn from them.
My first time holding Stellan :)
I was induced to have Stellan at 8:00AM on February 4th, 2010. I waited until I was dilated to a 7 before I broke down and asked for the epidural this time. I got it, and I was dilated to a 9 by noon. The nurses made sure to have everything set up already this time so my doctor could come in and catch him as he came out again :) After 4 minutes of pushing, Stelly reached his hand out victoriously and out came the rest of him at 12:04PM! He was born with jowels like Quagmire from The Family Guy, but they went away quickly and now he has normal face!
Being a mom has been the bomb! Hopefully, we'll get a girl one of these days. And once we're done making new babies, I can look forward to them all moving out and letting me catch up on 20 years of no sleep!
A goodbye picture of Rowan. This is probably my most favorite picture of him ever.
Happy Mom's Day!


  1. Hehe! Aunt Lizard will have to tell little Morgan (your namesake) about the homemade presents (Irish accent) some day. Please continue being my friend even though I used the M-name. I hope your day was great. I love you!

  2. Hey there! Good to see you and the family doing well! The family pic at the top of the page looks great!

  3. Your family pic is so cute and adorable. Such a cute family!!!

  4. Your family is just too adorable!! I love the story of Rowan being trapped by a circle of his own poo! hahaha Happy Mother's Day! :)

  5. Thanks! I think she is pretty cute too:} We took some pics of just KC, me and the girls but Kyla didn't cooperate, so we are taking some new ones later.

    Your boys are cuties. We will have to get our kids together soon!