Good Eve! Hallow's Eve!

Since we're a bunch of Mormons, livin' in Mormon Town, we celebrated Halloween last night- as I'm sure most of you did!  We couldn't afford to buy costumes for the boys this year and weren't sure we were going to celebrate anyway since Buck had to work and it was cold and I was going to be home by myself with the boys.  Still, I wanted to do something fun for Rowan because he's old enough to know that something's going on and it's Stellan's first Halloween, so he HAD to dress up!

I had come up with a few ideas for our family Halloween costumes, and although they were all going to be home made, I didn't have everything I needed for them on hand.  I'll show you who we were going to be so that you can see how awesome it could have been:

Buck and I would have been either Wallace and Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit) or Aang and Toph (from Avatar:  The Last Airbender)
And Rowan and Stellan would have been either Shaun and Penguin (from Wallace and Gromit) or Momo and Appa (from Avatar:  The Last Airbender)

As it happened, Buck didn't end up dressing up, and I ended up using an old curtain to make the boys into a crab and shrimp:
Luckily, I had some construction paper left over from Rowan's birthday party (I tried to post pictures from that but blogger wasn't havin' it) so I could make myself a costume as well!

I took the boys to a Halloween party for a bit and Rowan got some candy and then we went to visit Buck at work so he could have himslf a little piece of holiday cheer! 

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable holiday!  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!


  1. You're so creative! I would have never thought of using old material to make costumes!
    PS: I love that you thought about dressing up as Aang and Toph. I loved Toph.

  2. Toph was my favorite! We might have to just use the Avatar and Wallace & Gromit ideas for another year :)